1. yaplakal's Avatar
    I have used a non-default call app for a month or so, which (I think) used to show call logs just fine with hub. Then the hub app updated, and now I cannot see any call logs in the hub at all.
    I tried a few things to fix this, but none worked:

    1. I switched back to the default app - this made the "Call Logs" account show up in the list of accounts, but when I switch to it - it's empty. Opening the default app directly shows the call logs without issues, but it's empty in hub.
    2. I shut down, waited for a few minutes, and then booted up the device again. No changes.
    3. I made sure that all the sliders are enabled on the account settings screen, and even assigned a color to the account (someone in an old thread said it helps). No changes.

    Is there anything else I can try here? At this point I'm back to using default app, but the Hub still refuses to show any call logs...this basically defeats the purpose of the Hub for me, which is depressing.

    Thank you
    09-17-19 04:44 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Is there anything else I can try here?

    Your call log will work going forward but only for new calls.

    After install it will show no call log, they'll all still be in your phone app, however. Going forward, new incoming, outgoing, missed calls will appear in the Hub provided you allow for the new permissions and are using a supported device such as a BlackBerry, Samsung running Oreo or higher or a Google Pixel.
    09-17-19 05:58 PM

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