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    I have purchased the new Key2 but for some reason I cannot get the sound out of my Google Pixel Earbuds. The phone connects perfectly, by bluetooth, to the Earbuds but there is no sound coming out of them. My Key1 which connected without issues to the earbuds and still does.

    I have reset the earbuds, and connected again it connects but no sound. I have gone into the bluetooth options and "Media' and 'Phone' are both selected. (I have even tried deleting HD and Phone but still nothing.

    I then reconnected to my Key1 and no problems what so ever. It seem the google flagship Orio Android system doesn't like the Google Pixel Earbuds. For anyone who doesn't know, the Earbuds can pair with multiple blue devices, the phones are pairing perfectly, the key1 is perfect no problems, the key2 even reads the power left in the earbuds so I know its connecting but there is just no sound.

    FYI I have tried standard cable earphones and no problem.
    06-30-18 01:43 PM
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    IF anyone is interested I have finally resolved this issue. The problem is with the Firmware of the google pixel buds. They need to be updated to firmware 2.2 or above.

    To do this:

    Connect a device that is working. Make sure the device has internet connection, play the music for a minimum 20 minutes. Please the google buds back in the case for three minutes. Then reconnect. This should update the firmware.
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    07-15-18 12:34 PM

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