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    My K1 took a super fast dunk in the tub about 18 hours ago. I didn't immediately turn it off because I'm stupid, and focused on laying it face down on an absorptive mat to try and drain any water out of it.

    I turned it off very shortly after and left it be.

    I absolutely needed to send out a text a short while ago so I booted it up and everything works fine except the capacitive buttons.

    **unresponsive (and unlit) capacitive buttons: is this an issue with the screen, or something like a deeper circuitry issue? What do I need to replace?**

    Given that the keyboard had non-functional keys earlier but now is fine would you think there is a chance further waiting would resolve the problem? If so, what position would you suggest I put the K1 in?

    I just got it on the 8th through Telus and can't afford a new one. Ugh.

    Are there any swiping gestures to achieve the same thing as the back / home / active apps buttons in the meantime?

    Any help would be appreciated. I don't need anyone to tell me how stupid I was to knock it into the tub, not turn it off right away, then turn it on again too soon - just advice on what steps I should take next.

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    09-28-17 12:02 PM

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