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    It seems that PBS, and many other sites, are currently using JW Player to play HTML5 video on their sites. JW Player was updated to version 7.3.4 near the end of February. That time frame coincides with the time period during which I noticed I could no longer play videos on PBS, and other sites, on my Z30 or Z10. (I now know, if I switch to desktop mode, the videos will play). Switching to desktop mode was not necessary prior to the end of February. Now, even in desktop mode, the video plays in a sort of container or frame and will no longer play full-screen as it did prior to the end of February.

    Of course the BB10 browser was HTML5-compatible from its inception. Now; however, according to their support page, the only mobile browsers*that are officially supported by JW Player using HTML5 are:
    Safari on iPhone running iOS 8+ (iPhone 4s through current)
    Safari on iPad running iOS 8+ (iPad 2 through current)
    Chrome on Android running Android 4.0+ (Any device running Android 4.0).

    This link goes to JW Player's Support Page:

    When one can no longer use their BlackBerry to watch HTML5 video content, because under Chen's leadership, BlackBerry refuses to keep the browser updated, that is a greater harbinger of the death of BB10 than its lack of apps, and that is dreadful.

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to what the appropriate next step should be? Try to notify BlackBerry of this issue somehow and ask them to fix it? Try to prevail upon JW Player to fix it, even though they state they only support Safari and Chrome browsers on mobile devices? Some other solution?


    03-15-16 02:38 AM
  2. Timothius01's Avatar
    I pause for a reply.

    03-18-16 03:21 AM
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    Is there any mechanism for feeding back to Blackberry? I'm not sure there is, unless you're in the beta program.

    Posted via CB10
    03-19-16 03:09 AM

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