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    I left blackberry for an iphone in 2011, and I've absolutely hated the iphone for the last year. I absolutely cannot wait for the passport and I think it'll be a game changer. One thing that this phone needs is a great GTD (getting things done) like omnifocus, etc.

    For now, I've been using IQTELL, which is a web based app for computer with an iphone/android mobile app. It manages email, calendars, evernote, reminders and todos all in the app. As a rep for the labour movement, I often have many smaller projects with many necessary documents/files on the go. IQTELL is really a lifesaver for me in terms of managing my time. Since android apps will now run on BB 10.3, I have some questions about using this great app on the passport.

    1) Will the screen size be an issue for IQTELL/Android Apps if the app developer does not create a version for the new dimensions?

    2) Will having an android app running in the background drain more battery than a normal BB app?

    3) Native apps do look nice on the new BBs, am I missing out on what makes BB 10.3 great if I just use some web app for calendar, email, reminders, evernote?

    4) The big question is probably security, but I don't think my employer has BES.

    5) Any other thoughts on IQTELL and passport?

    Many thanks. I've been diligently reading all of your comments on this site since seeing the passport. What a great innovation!
    08-04-14 09:21 AM
  2. numbb's Avatar
    Sorry, i meant passport in the title....now I have an account, maybe I'll just repost this in the Passport forum.
    08-04-14 09:31 AM

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