1. thatmtnman's Avatar
    Dear Forum,

    I'm an iphone user strongly considering switching to BB Q10 or Z10. More likely the Z10 as I have large hands and don't think I could type on such small keys...

    Anyway...of the main reasons for switching is security. I just resent how Apple mines my information and redistributes it. Not to mention how easy it is for government to access my data. As time goes on, I get more irritated to point where I am willing to sacrifice my considerable Apple investment to get security.

    BB was always supposed to be a secure phone, but I have read recent press reports of how it is really not so any longer including the authorities apparently accessing users data easily. On the other hand, I see Mr. Chen buying up encryption companies.

    Can someone please comment on the current state of security on BB devices running 10.x? If anyone has any information on which direction BB will be going with security, I would appreciate their input.

    Thank you and cheers!
    08-05-14 02:14 PM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    We need a sticky.....

    BlackBerry for business is very secure and is moving to become even more secure - probable with an additional fees to make voice secure also.

    BlackBerry BB10 devices (newer OS) are the most secure consumer grade device you can buy!

    But you need to learn just what that really means to you..... as it's not really much different in some cases.

    LOTS and LOTS of threads here on BlackBerry Security.
    08-05-14 02:26 PM
  3. The Big Picture's Avatar
    I think a Z30 would suit you better. Also the large screen would serve you well.

    There's no backdoors on BlackBerry 10 phones and as long as you use native apps you are in full control over what information apps can transmit.

    As for android apps the next OS (10.3) update will allow you to alter access permissions.

    There are many posts by members on the more technical explanations on why BB10 is more secure than other phones as a whole.

    I suggest reading up on omnitech's posts on BlackBerry 10 security.

    Differentiate or Die
    08-05-14 02:26 PM
  4. Bla1ze's Avatar
    BlackBerry and security comes down to how you look at it. Is your off the shelf BlackBerry any more secure than anything else out there? Well, depends on how you use it, what apps you run and what permissions you allow. There's a bit more 'comfort' and 'control' there over where your data goes and what you allow but overall, you're still open to a lot of what's applicable on other platforms.

    The real security on BlackBerry comes by way of BES and various other non-consumer offerings. If you get yourself on a hosted BES that you're mostly in control of then you can lock it down as much or as less as you like as well add in additional encryption methods, password options, permissions etc etc.
    08-05-14 02:29 PM

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