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    So I'm using a Mac and sachesi 1.8.3
    My BlackBerry is a z10 2
    I completed all the instructions found in the forum but when it said combine all the files into one and delete sys.dxtg files I did.

    I didn't take the apps out of the ap file so It seems they were not installed and now sachesi won't connect (it says it's in Unix mode)

    Any pointers? I'd take a photo but my 10.2 camera ap doesn't work with 10.3 lol...

    Posted via CB10
    09-19-14 05:14 AM
  2. J_dub's Avatar
    I've tried turning connect to Mac to connect to windows and also turning blackberry link on and off.

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    09-19-14 05:17 AM
  3. J_dub's Avatar

    Installed black berry link, by having that turned on. and connect to mac/windows was set to auto.
    After link was installed i used that to connect, while connected i swapped bb over to connect to mac, which reconnected to the computer I launched sachesi again, it connected, so I drag over my ap's file
    09-19-14 06:18 AM

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