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    It took me months to track down one of these watches from 2011ish. I actually bought it from someone on crackberry.

    So it turns on and pairs with my 9930, I have the inpulse app. I think the firmware installs but can't be sure. It prompts to download a basic notification app but when I try it is unable to download anything.

    Worse than that the watch won't leave the screen with a Bluetooth symbol and I don't know how to change that at all.

    Altering settings on the watch via the blackberry app don't seem to impact it much.

    Any ideas?

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    08-05-14 09:20 PM
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    I'm not too familiar with the Impulse unfortunately. You can also try posting your question in the smartwatch forum at our sister site Connectedly, to see if anyone there could help.
    Smartwatches - Connectedly Forum
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    08-06-14 10:52 PM

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