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    After a reinstall on my BlackBerry Z10 my inbox is not synchronizing properly.
    I don't get a proper 'copy' of my webmail/desktopmail on my BBZ10.

    After my BBZ10 got into a boot loop, I did a fresh reinstall and set up my email as before.
    I keep my inbox as small as possible; most mail is sorted in folders (not in the inbox). At the moment I have 6 mails in my inbox on my desktop/webmail (IMAP;-)); the rest is in the other folders.

    But for some strange reason I get all mail from the past few years in my BBZ10 inbox when I install my email account (and in the other folders). When I set sync to 'last 7 days' I only get the mail in my inbox from the last 7 days offcourse. But then I don't get the mails in the other folders (which is my archive, and there is no way to say 'now I need more, please download from the last year' or so like in K9-Mail).
    I tried a few different options, but nothing seems to do what I want. I tried 'INBOX' prefix, but then the other folders are gone.

    I want the same on my BBZ10 as what I have on my desktop or webmail.
    What I'm I doing wrong?
    Who has an idea?

    09-16-16 08:18 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.com! I see you figured out how to join and posted this in the regular for sections also. I'm going to leave this thread, BUT close it WITH a link to the other thread, so others can easily find it and hopefully get you an answers shortly, please standby!

    09-16-16 08:52 AM

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