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    Bla1ze, simply wondering what your impressions of the Mercury are so far? You're much more in-tune with the news and latest... what's your take?
    01-25-17 09:24 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    It's a nice looking device. I'm curious to see how many refinements, if any, get made to it before launch. Clearly, the versions showed off at CES had some wear and tear on them in some areas and expect things to look a little more polished up by the time it hits shelves.

    More so than the looks of the device, I'm curious to see how the keyboard comes out in its final form. If I'm going to be using a device with a keyboard then it has to be a great keyboard and while all BlackBerry keyboards are workable, we know they're not all created equal. The keyboard has be on point for me.

    I'm not huge on specs as long as the hardware its coupled with works nicely, and I really hope that is the case here. While some folks will poo poo on the SD 625, it has proven to be a performer when the hardware is right. I just hope in this case the hardware is right.
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    01-25-17 12:00 PM
  3. guygardner73's Avatar
    Well, I think I'll have a crack at the Merc but tbh if they price it as a flagship, i'm going to go and buy a flagship instead. I don't mind a vkb so the One plus 3T is looking good. If they price it at £450 I'll grab it though. That's the crux of it, price. If they bring out a Titanium model six months later with the SD 835 and a half inch larger screen for £1000 I'll be pissed as that would be a worthy Berry indeed.

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    01-25-17 12:18 PM

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