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    Dear Friends i have purchase an blackberry z10 from amazon.in. for six month it will working fine. but after that period i feel some problem in this handset. Since it is under warranty so i take it to Blackberry Care. After checking the IMEI code of the handset the Staff of Blackberry care told me that it is an imported handset and they are not able to provide any warranty of that handset. then after i contact amazon.in and inform them about my problem. They told me to get DOA letter from the Care. But the BB Care refusing to give DOA letter because this handset is not shown on their BB warranty portal. Then after i asked amazon.in to give an declaration that the handset deliver by them is not imported. But they are not giving any proper reply. can anybody have any suggestion. please...
    04-06-16 03:26 AM
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    Hi. Looks like you're following the correct path to correct the situation. I would see if there's a number you could call to actually talk to someone or talk to someone else- again if previously called. Most of the time, emails/text are unable to actually indicate sincerity and the sense of urgency of those requesting assistance. Based on the information they've requested and the response you've received from BlackBerry, let them know that you really need they're help, you're at wits' end trying to get someone to help you. Basically, what is their policy to help customers get past this dilemna when BlackBerry Care will not help "their" customers reach a resolution? So, appeal to their empatheic side.....putting the need to resolve the issue back on Amazon. Also, keep your cool. You need them and in their world, you are just another number. If you've tried all other methods, no harm in trying again. Not much in the way of help, but, it's previously worked for me. Most ppl try the angry, trash-talk and remind them that you purchased thru them and they should make it right. Doesn't always work. Just make sure you're familiar with their return/exchange policy before you call. Good Luck.
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    04-06-16 08:06 AM

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