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    I still have grandfathered the old Blackberry ATT unlimited worldwide download plan on a version 7 software. A few years ago I was going to upgrade to a Q10, but ATT said the version 10 software would not support this unlimited worldwide data per month, but maybe BB would write a software patch to make this plan available for version 10. Does anyone know if BB has made this plan available in 10?
    02-12-17 05:31 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Your AT&T rep didn't know what they were talking about and just fed you some line. Chances are if you just buy a Q10 and slide your SIM in it will work. If you call AT&T and tell them you are switching devices, they'll just tell you you need to change your plan to get you off of it.
    02-12-17 05:36 PM

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