1. nidus72's Avatar
    Hi all

    I have my new Priv 99% set up. Only issue is I can't get iCloud mail (my main account) to load up into the hub.

    I was able to add it into the build in Gmail App, but the Hub keeps giving me an error. "Authentication methods are not supported by server". It's defaulting to SSL/TSL, and I have tried the others like " accept all certificates" with no luck.

    I've done a bunch of Google searches and can't find any recent hits with issues or fixes.

    Any thoughts?
    02-15-17 01:22 PM
  2. hbach1968's Avatar
    Same problem here. On my S7 everything was ok. Then i switched to my new S7 Edge, installed Hub+ and then the problem came up. Any idea ?
    02-15-17 01:39 PM
  3. nidus72's Avatar
    Ya it works fine on an older Samsung I have. No idea why the Priv Hub does not like iCloud
    02-15-17 04:19 PM
  4. nidus72's Avatar
    Ok. Finally got it to work.

    IMAP information for the incoming mail server
    Server name: imap.mail.me.com
    SSL Required: Yes. Used SSL/TLS
    Port: 993
    Username: This is only the name part of your iCloud email address (for example, emilyparker, not [email protected]).
    Password: Your iCloud password

    SMTP information for the outgoing mail server
    Server name: smtp.mail.me.com
    SSL Required: Yes. Use STARTTLS
    Port: 587
    SMTP Authentication Required: Yes
    Username: Your full iCloud email address (for example, [email protected], not emilyparker)
    Password: Your iCloud password
    02-15-17 10:49 PM
  5. hbach1968's Avatar
    OK. Got it working. THX.
    02-16-17 01:31 AM

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