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    I use a Z10, and love it. Gmail and other stuff works fine. But everything iCloud has disconnected. The timing of the problem coincides with my iPad overnight update that then asked for a two step authentication.

    I've attempted to add back iCloud to the Z10 and I get various errors. I deleted it, hoping a fresh add would work. Nope.

    When I try using Add Account, it stops me at the first step where you input the email address (icloud) and password, and says "Make sure your email and password are input correctly." I am sure it is because I logged into iCloud just fine using the browser.

    When trying manually via Advanced/IMAP, I get "Your login info for IMAP server [imap.mail.me.com] has changed or is incorrect. Please check your settings."

    I've tried all kinds of stuff like changing the encription to no avail.

    06-02-17 10:55 AM

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