1. bikefiend's Avatar
    Hello CB users
    longtime BB user since 2015
    recently dropped and smashed my key2le screen badly and having to send it in for repair, in the meantime i've been trying to setup a temp Android Motorolo G7 play to work with the Blackberry Hub + services app
    so far I have been able to add both my gmail accounts for work on the BB Hub for Android app no issue-
    but when I tried installing my icloud account for personal mail / contacts (since I work on mac computers) i've been getting connection to server errors and password errors even though I am entering everything correctly

    this has been super frustrating since all of my contacts live in my icloud account as well as few calendars that I need to populate on this phone while my Key2LE gets repaired

    any sugguestions would be much appreciated
    thank you
    11-20-20 03:59 AM

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