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    Just got a new Key2 LE yesterday - switching over from my Q10. So far I am really confused and disappointed. So how do I set a custom ringtone (for incoming calls) and a different ringtone (for receipt of text messages) for the SAME contact? The Q10 is much more intuitive and seems more versatile. The 95-page manual for the LE is useless. Very confusing phone. Also . . . is there a way to bypass having to enter a PIN everytime the phone wakes up? Ai dios mio.
    05-08-19 08:53 AM
  2. rthonpm's Avatar
    To set up a custom ringtone for a contact, go to the contact and select the option to edit it, and from the three dots in the top right corner select the option to Set ringtone. There isn't really a way that I've seen to give a custom sound for SMS from a specific contact, but it's possible that different SMS apps will give you that option.

    As for not having to enter the PIN every time, you can use the fingerprint reader in the space bar to unlock the phone, or you can change the time before the screen locks in Settings > Security & Location > Screen lock. From this same screen, you can turn on smart lock, which will allow you to keep your phone unlocked based on location (say at home), or when it's on your person, or even when paired with specific Bluetooth devices.

    There is a learning curve to Android coming from BB10, but having a platform that is still supported and has a wider variety of applications can more than make up for it.
    05-08-19 02:12 PM
  3. Newbio's Avatar
    The Q10 was amazing, but Android will grow on you.
    05-08-19 02:23 PM

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