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    I've been super excited (and still am) about the latest legit OS upgrade that allows install of third party apps. I've installed many as from Amazon with little issue (most issues can be solved by opening files from device folder as opposed to the SD. I've also installed Snap and all I can say it's "hit or miss". I do understand that many. Apk files are reliant on Google Services, so I've been avoiding those. But I've downloaded Office and Onenote and both have similar issues. It installs fine, and opens up fine to a welcome screen, everything is groovy until I try to connect to sign in, which it attempts and that's it. I get a never ending " connecting " spiral animation that just spins and spins... until I decide to quit. I do have a legit office account and all that, so is there a way around it, or does anyone know why it might be doing that, or am I an isolated case? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I'm not sure how many of you have tried out the android apps, most do fine, and there's plenty of apps (good quality, and brand name apps that just aren't available in BlackBerry World. Anyhow thanks for your time.

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    07-13-14 07:11 AM
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    Don't know about this but many of the impossible apps work in 10.3

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    07-13-14 08:09 AM

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