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    I love my Passport Silver Edition but know I will have to update at some point. The Key 2 Silver seems like my choice. I am unclear about some features no longer supported. Because I am in a business that has critical client information, I cannot backup to the Cloud or a server not in Canada, primary reason I own Blackberry is the direct to PC backup ability, which I understand iPhones now also offer (I hate iPhones so am hoping not to be forced in that direction). I currently backup directly to my computer every time I plug in my phone to the computer, is this possible in the Key 2?

    Being in business, I cannot use gmail accounts and my business emails and schedules are in Outlook on my desktop, can't sync via Outlook.com, Is my Outlook Calendar able to sync directly with the Key2 from my PC? I have to assume they can still connect to smtp email accounts so that part doesn't worry me unless for some weird reason emails are routed through Google servers, in which case that is a deal breaker as well. Finally, for apps do I have to go through a Google account? Can all connection to Google be shut off?
    09-14-18 07:20 PM
  2. the_boon's Avatar
    Concerning Outlook syncing, I’m not sure.

    As for Google stuff, you can disable as much of it as you want, but having contacts/calendar/keep sync smoothly between devices is very convenient, as is Find my device, which also relies on google.

    You could for example add your google account just to download all your apps and then remove it, but you won’t be able to use Google’s apps like the ones I mentioned above. Also for your other apps in general, you won’t have access to play store if you remove the Google account therefore you’ll have to manually download apk’s from say apkmirror.com or apkpure.com to get newer versions of apps.

    Basically, avoiding Google can be done but you’ll be sacrificing a good chunk of convenience and seamless syncing.
    09-22-18 07:42 PM

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