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    purchased dec 30. battery charged to 93%, went out and got use to playing with the camera and did not have muchset up in there. that evening i played with the phone and battery was down to under 50% in a matter of 4 hours or so the phone was pretty warm on using it. the 31 i had it plugged it and seldom touched it and didn't really look at the charge amount. yesterday am, my battery was at 17% so i charged it up, 4 hours later is was at 30% so i took it with me anyways . i did 2 live videos of under a minute each and took some pics a few hours later i was at 12% so i powered off. when i got home i charged it and 4 hours later i looked and it was at 30%. so i changed the plug in i was at .and tried a diffrent bb usb cable. another hour i looked and nothing was going on i unplugged it and put back the original cable and went to another outlet. another hour later it was still at 30% so i unplugged it and looked to see if i could do a diagnosis and bam battery was draining so fast i took screenshots for proof. before i knew it was 19% and the phone shows it powering up but a message came on telling me phone is not charging within a few minutes i was at 17 % and powered off. i think i got a dud? i tried again this am . any help? i went to go to the dealer this am but they are closed. oddly enough both my z 10 just up and died within a couple months of each other hence why i had to get a new phone.
    01-02-17 10:24 AM
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    Ensure the USB plug is firmly inserted into the charging port on the phone...push it in firmly for positive contact.

    When I got my second DTEK50, it appeared to be charging, but was actually discharging while connected to the AC charger. It looked like a defective phone, until I discovered the USB plug was not inserted all the way home.

    After a few charging cycles, the plug fit without any additional pressure.

    Of course, you have probably ruled out a defective outlet or perhaps a switched outlet that was not turned on, and you are using the Blackberry charger that came with the new phone...

    High battery drain is usually associated with apps that have excessive background activity and/or constant connection for push notifications. Apparently some social media apps are notorious for abusing usage permissions.

    Each app should be checked in its settings upon installation to turn off unnecessary activity.

    You can also monitor battery consumption by apps in Settings | Battery.
    01-02-17 01:52 PM

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