1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I was at the pool and I got in and forgot to take my phone out of my pocket (silly me) when I realized I still had my z10 in my bathing suit pocket it had been about 3 minutes in the water. I immediatly took my phone out of the case and took the cover off and the battery out. I left it in the sun to dry while I went to get some rice. I then put my phone in rice and let it sit for around 20ish hours. It powers on and works, but there are lines that look like cracks in the screen and when I lock my phone like I always have it powers off and only turns on if I plug it in to the charger. The battery level is at 71 percent. What should I do?
    06-18-14 01:56 PM
  2. anon6113468's Avatar
    Try and take the battery and phone out again and leave it in rice once again I would say. If that and hard resets do not work, go to see a shop or your retailer...
    06-18-14 02:29 PM
  3. knighty2112's Avatar
    Sadly, by this time it is time to buy a new phone as these issues will get steadily worse.

    Careful! Z10 in action!
    06-18-14 02:33 PM
  4. anon(3732391)'s Avatar
    Sounds like you got some water under the screen.
    Another member recently had the same issue and went through the same process as you did.
    In the end, the device was taken to a repair shop and the screen was replaced

    Any chance your device is still on warranty. You could get it replaced if it is!
    06-18-14 02:41 PM

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