1. hamed ghorbani's Avatar
    I sign up to crackberry with Microsoft account
    Everytime login with Microsoft account

    Now I want to use taptalk but I couldn't
    Any email or username enter, cant login,
    Show error your username or password invalid

    Please change my username to something like hamed7ir till I can login easy crackberry

    Posted via CB11
    05-30-17 02:58 AM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    To request a user name change, email accounts@mobilenations.com with your current and requested user names. When selecting a new name, you should first go to the Member List to check if the new one you'd like is available. Use the drop down for "search members". If the new one doesn't show up in the search, it's available.
    hamed ghorbani likes this.
    05-30-17 08:21 AM

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