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    I've had my Blackberry Leap for about 6 months now and never had any problems with it. Today I started my device and I couldn't access the Hub. I have tried to start it over again several times without any luck. When I tried to start Blackberry World, I got message "There is an issue with Blackberry World. Blackberry World must now close". I have tried what I call a soft reset by holding the power button for about 10sec and also pressed simultaneously the volume up and down for about 10sec without any luck as well. What can I do?
    10-08-16 12:14 PM
  2. cbvinh's Avatar
    Make sure your Leap is connecting to BlackBerry Services, which is the little BlackBerry logo icon on the upper right, next to wi-fi strength. It needs to be there for you to access BlackBerry World, and perhaps some items in the Hub. Check Settings/BlackBerry ID as well, to make sure you're logged in.

    If you can see the Hub, but it appears stuck, you could try the five swipes from the top-right corner to the center of the screen. That resets the Hub only.
    10-08-16 07:00 PM

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