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    address: a***1953@gmail.com is unknown! mine is a***1953#gmail.com

    I used the last one, but is now completely off line. My cell no is: 073******50. I have NO email service. What now?
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    05-17-16 03:26 AM
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    Hey !
    Welcome to the CrackBerry community.
    To avoid any trouble, I had to mask part of the addresses you printed first hand.

    Your question is not clear; what password did you lost ? Your BlackBerry ID ?
    Also the adress with a # couldn't be used as it is an invalid form for email (@ is required) ...
    Please explain in details what your problem is (+ what device / OS /Carrier ), we'll do our best to help !

    05-17-16 05:23 AM

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