1. bb2016's Avatar
    Please help me find the thread.

    Alternatively, please help me with fixing several issues.

    i was advised not to update the software. But it kept springing up on my phone every single time i open my phone. So i was fed up and updated my phone.

    But w.app is working i think

    Currently my problem is that ghost app, i don't remember the name, is not working. i wanted to get rid of a useless app called uber. But ghost app keeps opening and closing, uber remains.

    Snap doesn't work. i key in the correct google password but it refuses to work

    Then i have google play keeping on asking me to update password. i used a new email address, now i want to get rid of it but i don't know how.

    This passport heats up, half the apps done work, i wish someone advised in lay persons language. Thanks

    To bering with i wish i found that missing hread
    09-29-16 08:10 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    09-29-16 08:29 PM

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