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    Hey everyone, I am planning to switch from a WP to Blackberry. Currently, i own a Lumia 1520,Lumia 1020,Lumia 520,Lumia 925 and love WP interface and it's security system. Never bought an Android because of Security reasons.I am planning to switch due to lack of apps on WP. I can't say lack of apps but lack of updates of apps. Now, my questions are :
    1. Is Blackberry Z3 a good device in terms of touch response,viewing angles?
    2.Any lags in Z3 ? (read in a review, not sure )
    One more thing, i bought all these devices because of Offline Maps,Camera,Microsoft integration, Onedrive, (and out of which they are going to offer Here Maps to Android Users also in a few months.)
    So, will it be a right decision to switch to Blackberry or will i miss some features (I know, i will miss Camera, but not a big issue ) And ahh, one more feature i loved the most is Word Flow keyboard on WP 8.1. Any alternate for it too ? Because as far as i know there is no swipe option in Blackberry default keyboard. How's the battery backup of Z3 ?
    10-29-14 02:44 PM
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    BlackBerry has a lack of Apps and a lack of App updates... you really need to take some time to understand where the BlackBerry/Amazon Ecosystem is and what you can and can not do with a BlackBerry. If you have specific app requirements, then I'd start there and see what's available and if it works on BB10 and maybe see how old the working app is. I can tell you the OneDrive works very well... but it is limited on the uploads.

    Looks as though you have bought some highend Windows devices... the Z3 is not highend. But it is functional and has good battery life.
    10-29-14 03:06 PM

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