1. Arun keepanasseril's Avatar
    He everyone!
    Is there any way to view email sub-folders from within the 'peek' view / sidebar of the Hub? I am using a Passport on OS
    I remember I was able to view the sub folders neatly lined beneath the corresponding email account in a expandable list when I first started using the device, late May 2015. Recently I did a device reset and reinstated the accounts and the feature is gone!
    It is frustrating to have to select the email account in the hub peek view, then tap on the top bar, bring up the folders and select a folder to view the emails going directly to those folders skipping inbox. Any suggestions?
    06-08-15 04:45 PM
  2. joeragan's Avatar
    I am not sure if such folder list view was ever there in BB10. I was looking for it too but could not find the setting.

    As of now you can only select which email folders to be sync'ed and those emails inside those folders will be displayed in the hub, but in the same screen (no folder list view).

    06-08-15 06:00 PM

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