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    Even though I registered recently, I've been CrackBerry's follower since a long time now (never needed to post/ask anything, everything I needed was already here).

    Two months ago, I purchased a new (unofficially unlocked) verizon's bold 9650, OS 5 (CDMA with active SIM card slot). When the handset came in my possession, I used it with Vodafone India, and BSNL (both GSM) without any problem at all (except, I tried but couldn't use vodafone's BIS, no issue there I already have officially "unbranded" bold, and Q5). Later, I upgraded the device OS to 6, used for 2-3 days without any technical problems with both carriers. But as I didn't like OS 6 much, downgraded to OS 5 again.

    Currently I do not have any problem with GSM carriers.
    In Settings>Mobile Network I can see three options under "Network Technology": GSM/UMTS, 1XEV, and Global.

    If I choose 1XEV, then my current service provider's name disappears from the home screen, get full range/bars/coverage of "1x", and the triangular sign of "roaming".
    If I make any outgoing call, the a recorded voice says "Please contact Reliance Customer Care (Reliance is a GSM/CDMA service provider in India) to resume services."

    Later I acquired a CDMA SIM card of Tata Indicom.
    When I inserted it in device, without making any chages in settings/system, I got the network of Reliance again, with same recorded voice.
    I made some changes in "CDMA Service Edit Screen" (by dialling ##000000, and call button), and then the recorded message changed (same lady though). Now it says "The number you've dialled is not reachable", no matter what number I dial, let it be valid/invalid/2-3 digits number.

    Basically, my question is, how can use this device with Tata's CDMA service?
    01-17-15 02:38 PM
  2. raino's Avatar
    The only CDMA network you can use this phone on is Verizon's.
    01-17-15 02:41 PM

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