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    I'm going to be upgrading from my priv to a motion. The USB charging port on my priv no longer works and I have had to use wireless charging to charge my phone. I'm getting sick of it so decide to upgrade to the motion.

    I have a 256 GB SD card which I want to transfer over to the motion. I'm trying to figure out what the best steps are in order to transfer all my content over without duplicating or losing any information

    I use a combination of Gmail and Hotmail addresses for my personal email along with two other work specific emails. They are all integrated into the hub. I have over 2000 SMS that I want to keep and transfer over.

    I currently use the SD card on my priv to store all of my photos and videos taken along with some data for apps.

    Is it better to install the email addresses natively using add account on the hub on the motion in order to bring in my contacts, calendar, and emails first before blackberry content transfer?
    I also have a lot of BlackBerry notes and tasks that I also need to move over. Is it better to do the second after email accounts using Blackberry content transfer? Then I guess the next question is whether to use the SD card or using Google drive to transfer things over?
    If I just plug the SD card into the new motion with my old priv content on it along with the blackberry content transfer data, will the apps when reinstalled automatically recognize the data from the previous priv installation?
    These are medical apps with 2 to 3 gb of data files. I'm trying to avoid duplication of app data or any corruption.

    Thanks for the advice
    03-06-18 08:16 PM
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    You're already using a Google device, just use the Google backup options to restore your stuff from your Priv onto your Motion. Your email accounts and contacts, for the most part will move. If you're using Hub, you'll have to reset those up either way anyway, so just use Hub to do it. Content Transfer really offers you nothing by using it and will likely screw things up more than help. Same with your work accounts, just set them up manually.

    As for apps, Google will cover those but it's going to vary widely about what data has been saved for each and how the developer set them up. Best practice is to just use the Google Backup option since it's the best way to load them all. Data on your SD card might be recoverable within those apps but again, it varies widely on how the app was built.

    The only thing I would even trust BB Content Transfer to move would be the Notes, Tasks and SMS (it does up to 3000) and I certainly wouldn't wipe your Priv until you know those things have been moved. Overall, I would just do the Google Restore option and see what you end up with. Worst case, you wipe your new device and try again if you're not happy with what transferred.
    03-06-18 08:32 PM
  3. pchannan's Avatar
    03-06-18 08:56 PM

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