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    Ok. I'm kinda in a bind here. My phone screen is shattered, and the screen is blank, and the touchscreen doesnt work, although if i use the mini HDMI I can see the screen touching the screen doesnt work. I want to transfer all the data and phone numbers to my pc but when I attach the device it says I have to put the pin number and load blackberry blend or whatever on the device, in which I have no way of doing. Any suggestions on what I can do to get the very least my contacts?
    09-25-16 07:59 PM
  2. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    You haven't said what you want to do with the data on your phone. As long as you're not running the latest version (1607) of Windows 10, you should be able to install BlackBerry Link and drivers.

    If you enter you phon's PIN after you connect to your PC you Windows will mount your phone's device memory as a drive and you can access the folders on it.

    With Link installed you can do a full backup and then do a restore to your replacement device.
    09-25-16 10:47 PM

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