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    I have a White Blackberry 9780 that was already backed up to my macbook (using the Blackberry desktop software) when the screen whited out. I am currently using a Classic and was given a Passport for my birthday. I am most interested in retrieving ALL data (including notes etc) from either the computer (or the device itself, as it still very much works - the alarm still goes off when i power it up and turn it on and the battery still lasts for days - you just can't see the screen). I am happy to tranfer the data to either phone, I really like still having the home button on the Classic (makes highlighting faster and more accurate) but I love the look of the passport just haven't jumped on using it because of the trouble i'm having with this transition.
    12-25-15 09:15 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    12-26-15 10:45 AM

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