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    I have a Mac running on El Capitan. Out of the blue my Classic will not back up using the desktop software anymore. When I try to back up it just stops at 5%. It won't synchronize either. Would someone please provide me with step by step instructions (or a link to) on how to sync with gmail and Outlook without using Blackberry Desktop Manager? Every solution page I find is either too complicated for my skill set or includes the Blackberry desktop software in the instructions. Please help me. I am a complete novice when it comes to phones and computers and am terrified of losing all my Contacts on my phone. Also, I've been told that I'm going to lose the Notes field in my Blackberry Contacts when I synchronize with either gmail or Outlook. Please tell me that's not true. I store a ton of information in the Notes fields.
    02-08-18 12:14 PM
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    I would start here so that you have a good backup on your SD Card before doing anything:

    The same developer has a way to backup into an EXCEL (.csv) file here:

    I don't believe either app is free (though marked that way). I think it starts as a free trial and you have to pay in order to get ALL of your contacts to backup.

    The second option will preserve your contats and put them in a format that can readily be imported directly into Outlook.

    So you will be able to preserve your contacts and get them into Outlook, so synchronization will be the next step.
    02-08-18 02:03 PM
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    If the contacts are already on your handset, as well as your Gmail or outlook.com email, you can just associate them with one of those accounts through the Contacts app. Just long press on a contact and select Copy to and select the email account you want to copy the contact to.

    I can't speak to the notes you may have in a contact since I just enter basic information. Doing a contact copy will preserve everything in your contact as it exists on your handset.

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