1. nycinderella's Avatar
    My Blackberry bold allowed for alarms to be set through the calendar too, so I wasn't limited to a weird 24 hour window like with my android Key2. Is there ANYTHING out there with allows more flexibility re: when I can set an alarm in advance. (And setting it by day of week to work around STILL means needing to delete it afterwards so it doesn't go off EVERY Tues.@ 5;30 am (smile) also.... Why do you thing the KEY2 is STILL NOT a choice in the "pick a category" pull-down)
    12-19-19 12:54 PM
  2. momsthename's Avatar
    I use the the calendar apps ( or get one from the store) if it is a really good one that includes other features , I will buy it. ( if I have too).

    When setting alarms ( you can use alarms for several items in a day) you have to set time ( either am or pm), and also chose a end time so it doesn’t go off all day- I usually put To either 2 hours or end of day . After that , alarm will not go off.

    Also , if you wanted alarm to go off everyday at specific time, you have to pick or check, every day of the given week. I used calendars for everything from hospital Appts to birthdays and events,

    As far I I know most all calendars have these options. I used it for my meds reminders too! In fact, I wake up at 5 am , take med and then click “ stop” otherwise might fall asleep - if I did, and I didn’t click stop it will keep annoying me in snooze mode until I take - exactly what I want it to do lol

    Go to alarms , for this .
    12-24-19 01:23 PM
  3. Blackberryphosphamide's Avatar
    If I wanted to set an alarm to go off on a future date I'd just use the native calendar app and set the alarm to go off at the start of the event.
    12-24-19 01:29 PM

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