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    Today I replaced the original broken frame/digitizer/screen with a new f/d/s after 1 year. The screen works great. I wanted to refresh my phone so of coarse I “security swipe it”, and after it doing so, I were left with a blank screen. Not too long after the blank screen a “www.bberror.com/bb10-0015” along with a exclamation mark inside of a yellow triangle is left on my screen when powered on. I’ve come to the last resort of “restoring” it on Blackberry Link. Yet the “software update is in progress” screen has been on my computer for over an hour along with the same error code on my phones screen. Mind you I can’t Autoload it because I’m using a Mac. Please give me some pointers or a solution altogether. Thankyou.
    06-26-19 11:23 PM
  2. TrumpetTiger's Avatar
    Link might just be taking a while. I'd give it another hour or two just in case. However, if that doesn't work or you want to take a chance sooner I would suggest trying Sachesi 1.9.5's Mac version:


    After connecting your Passport and making sure it's recognized, go to search, select your carrier, and select upgrade as your option. You should be able to reload the OS.
    06-27-19 04:37 AM

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