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    Hi guys, I need help with my old BlackBerry phone, it's a BlackBerry bold 9780, the problem is that it wont continue loading, rather, it restarts after almost 80percent progress in loading screen, then shuts down, then restarts again to the loading screen, then repeats the process. I tried connecting the device in my computer and as long as the device is in the loading screen, it is being detected but lost whenever it shuts down 15 to 20 seconds from the time of restart. Any ideas how to fix ny phone? I really love that device though I have my z3 now. Thanks ahead.

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    01-27-15 07:40 PM
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    Pull the battery from the 9780 and plug it into the USB on the computer (don't put the battery back in) and start desktop software. You should get a message saying that it can't connect to the connected device and will give you the option to update the OS. I believe it will wipe the device tho and you'll have to restore from your last backup (or start fresh)
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    01-28-15 12:20 PM
  3. thalawan's Avatar
    Ok, i'll try. Feedback later. Thanks

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    01-28-15 08:44 PM
  4. thalawan's Avatar
    Hello, I tried connecting my phone using desktop software and successfully downloaded device software. I am stuck halfway of the first step of two which is reconnection, there's a prompt saying application loader was unable to connect. But I already reconnected the device and getting the same problem. The software does not ask for password either. What should I do? Thanks

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    01-29-15 12:15 AM

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