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    I had been using a Sandisk 64GB microSD card formatted FAT32 with my Z10 for about 6 months without any issues until I recorded a corrupt video: >60mins duration or >4GB file size. Apparently, this was the file limit of microSD cards formatted FAT32. Fortunately, by this time BB10.2.1 now supported ExFAT, so I did the following:

    Using 'USB Mass Storage' with a Mac (OS 10.9)...

    1) Backed up all data on my microSD
    2) Reformatted microSD card using Disk Utility -> Erase -> Format: ExFat
    3) Recopied all data back onto microSD
    4) Loaded newly formatted microSD back into the Z10
    5) BB10 prompted me to download new drivers, and then we were good to go!

    (Please note that I opted to format the 64GB microSD via my Mac and Disk Utility because BB10/Z10 did not give me the option to chose the type of format when I tried to erase the microSD on the device itself. Furthermore, when I tried formatting the microSD using the Z10, upon loading the microSD onto the Mac via USB Mass Storage; the system did not recognize the microSD card and prompted me to initialize/re-format it.)

    Initially, things went well, BB10 recognized all my old files and I even noticed that indexing the photos was faster. However, when I tried video recording a lecture approximately >60 mins long at 1080p, recording stopped with a error message. I ran into the same problem once more even with my microSD card formatted to ExFAT!

    The newly corrupt video file could not play on the Z10, although it was visible in File Manager. When I connected the Z10 via USB Mass Storage to my Mac, the video file was approx. 4.29GB and unable to pay with any player e.g. VLC, etc. This was exactly the same thing that happened when the microSD was formatted FAT32.

    Lastly, I ensured that the card was formatted correctly by getting info on the microSD card:
    Kind: Volume; Format: ExFat; Capacity 63:84 GB.

    My questions:

    Did I not format my microSD correctly?
    Is there a proper/alternative way to format ExFAT on either the Mac or BB10/Z10?
    Has anyone else experienced this problem?
    Has anyone been able to record videos beyond 60 mins in duration or 4 GB in size, even after using ExFAT format on their microSD card?
    Or is there really just a 4GB file size limitation when recording with the Z10?

    Ideally, BlackBerry would have addressed this issue by now by just splitting up the video files once it has reached its limit as was the case on other BB devices... but this is where we are now, and I still wouldn't trade my Z10 for another device

    Thanks for your time and help regarding this issue, as well as all the other issues I've been able to resolve thanks to this awesome community's assistance!


    Device specs:
    08-23-14 12:53 PM
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    I formatted my 64GB card with a utility for Windows 8
    It didn't help me with playing my music in the car either. I was disappointed. Well, I'm using a leaked OS anyway so I guess that won't be much settled till I get the official.

    Never have tried a video as long as that. Makes sense there would be a limit tho. Can;t you keep track of the time limit and stop it before it reaches the error and then start the video recording up again?
    08-28-14 05:51 PM

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