1. yipikaye's Avatar
    For roughly the same sum of money I could get either:

    Lumia 1520 and DELL U2415


    Blackberry Passport
    03-31-15 06:23 AM
  2. Al moon's Avatar
    your comparing a cpu screen with a phone ? the lumia is from 2013
    03-31-15 07:53 AM
  3. yipikaye's Avatar
    I was comparing value. I owned lumia 1520 for 4 months now. And sold it and bought a passport.
    Earned 40€ from lumia, and passport value dropped by 75€. So I do not regret going for lumia first not one bit.

    But I got to be honest and say I really feel like I did a mistake. Of course it's just a second day that I own passport and I gotta learn few tricks, but....

    WIN10 so far was more impressive for me personally: camera, tiles, even emails are more comfortable to use than on BB Passport.

    Now the comment that lumia is from 2013....
    I bet that lumia can still kick passport's a$$ or go toe to toe on performance.
    And I'm now a 2 day owner of a passport. Point being - both devices are smooth as butter. But so far I prefer WIN10 more.

    Before I bought lumia 4 months ago, as an anonymous I was asking for advice which one to buy: lumia 1520 or passport. And everybody just said go for passport, even though I've mentioned that it's 2.5x more expensive....

    I think most of people that gave me that advice are either rich or delusional. I'm glad I bought lumia 1520 at first. And now after having it sold and now owning a passport for 2 days I am regretting my decision.

    Has anybody of you actually tried WIN10?

    I can absolutely justify people getting passport, q10, classic over windows phone due to physical keyboard because I myself am a big fan of it and LUMIA 1520 was just my first fully touch screen phone, but for example buying z3 z10 z30 in my opinion is just ripping yourself off. No way in a million.... in a ten years I would go for touch screen BBOS over windows 10 os.
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    08-19-15 04:14 AM

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