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    I have recently replaced my Samsung A3 with a BlackBerry Key 2 LE. This new phone now rings for calls and sms using the speaker even when connected to headphones. That is obviously not very useful as I cannot hear the speaker when I have the headphones plugged into my ears and the phone is in my pocket.

    How can I tell the phone to use the active speaker (rather than the built-in speaker) for ALL sounds (not just for music/media)?

    I am now afraid that alarms will also be played using the main speaker even when I have headphones. My Samsung did that too for a while. It was an interesting experience when everyone on the train woke up except me when I had set an alarm to wake me just before my station!
    08-08-19 12:21 PM
  2. falbo's Avatar
    If it's Bluetooth headphones maybe this setting may help.
    How to make the phone ring and alarms sound over headphones?-12675.jpg
    It's in developers settings but I just found it by typing headset into the search bar in settings. I haven't noticed the problem myself as I don't often use headphones, hope you find a solution.
    08-09-19 03:19 AM

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