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    Dear all
    I just now bought a q5 under false pretense that is supports 4g. Thanku GSM arena. Now I realised that some models do but the 100-3 doesn't. That's a total bummer. But I recall that when the vendor inserted my sim it showed 4g near the networks. I came home and connected to my wifi and there was an update. So I updated and now it doesn't show wifi. So please guide me if there's any chance I can run 4g on my beloved Q5. Thanks in advance.have a great day
    09-14-16 05:19 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    The Q5 does support 4G however, that support is going to be based on your carrier/supported bands and you gave zero information about that. Either way, you can't 'force' it to support 4G if it's not supported for your carrier/your Q5 doesn't have bands compatible with your carrier.
    09-14-16 07:17 PM

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