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    Can I install 10.3os in my BlackBerry z3... if so how to install?

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    10-11-14 02:07 AM
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    You need a PC,


    Browse this subforum.

    You need a PC to load your OS.

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    10-11-14 02:12 AM
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    If loaded in pc then can I install it in my phone

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    10-11-14 02:15 AM
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    Thank you..

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    10-11-14 02:16 AM
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    Can I install 10.3os in my BlackBerry z3... if so how to install?

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    Yes, you can install 10.3 on your Z3.

    The latest 10.3 OS version is located on the following thread, which has the files you'll need to download to your computer and then transfer onto your phone:

    OS10.3.0.1418 SR for ALL devices


    There are generally two ways to get the new OS on your device. You can either (1) use an autoloader, which can be easier, but will wipe your saved data making it like a brand new phone out of the box (except for data saved on your microSD card), or (2) use a program called Sachesi to load the new OS without losing any data, just like an official over-the-air update.

    Search the forum for "how to load an OS using an autoloader" or "how to upgrade your OS using Sachesi" to get detailed instructions! If you get confused, keep asking questions, someone will help you.

    Best of luck.

    Z-30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA
    10-11-14 02:28 AM

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