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    I was googling how to hide online status in FB and it seems you can't and i mean the little green dot that appears on your friends photo's on your page not the 'turn off chat feature'on your friends page your pic will have a little green dot when you're online and 'active 7 mins ago' etc THATS the bit I don't want so if i don't make a post people can't see I've been on to quickly look and check if anything really important (lie if I bought something off someone selling and need to answer their message or messaged a company/business with a question but don't want everyone to see I'm online at that time)

    Anyway when I googled this someone had mentioned that on the Amazon Fire tab using the silk web browser it does not show the green dot because they have their own network servers. Anyway I thought as BB have additional security that aren't on other phones then maybe if used FB from the Passport I'd be using a different network server and the same might apply? ..or you may have something in the security settings that would enable me to turn this off, 'appear offline' or some similar feature that I could apply to FB?

    If not on the older phones, will BB be adding this feature on the newer ones coming out that are running Android?


    09-02-16 02:50 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    It doesn't apply and probably never will. The only somewhat effective way is to disable chat and that's not really helpful if you, you know, use chat.
    09-02-16 02:55 AM

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