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    I have found a couple of other related or semi-related threads, but not on point enough to have helped me resolve my issue.

    I recently received an original, unlocked PP, which the seller said was practically unused. For about 3 weeks, I used it on WiFi for email and web browsing only (was then on a Verizon plan) until taking it to AT&T this week to get a mobile plan. The phone works well: good call reception and can send and receive text messages without a problem. As before, I can email and surf the web if I am on WiFi, but when away from WiFi service, I have no email or web service over the AT&T mobile network.

    I have dealt with different people at AT&T stores to try to resolve it. Most think it is an issue with the APN setting in the Mobile Network page under Networks and Connections. The AT&T people have tried "phone" and "nxtgenphone" as the Access Point Name. Neither seem to work.

    I have tried a complete wipe of the phone, soft resets, toggling the Mobile Network and Data Services on and off with soft reset, and installing a new Sim card. Nothing seems to help. The AT&T people are completely stumped. To say the least, this is very frustrating.

    The AT&T BB software is the current version:

    Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.
    08-25-16 03:44 PM
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    Contact your network operator

    BlackBerry addicted
    08-26-16 01:52 AM
  3. doherrick's Avatar
    Check this website:


    I got the settings for Consumer Cellular at this site,.
    09-30-16 04:21 PM

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