1. Yuri Parakhin's Avatar
    have troubles with data migration from my Q10 to K1, plan to use Blackberry Content Transfer:

    - Blackberry Worlds doesn't work, don't know why
    - micro-usb damaged

    but able to install bar files by Chrome extension

    Please help with latest bar file
    06-06-17 01:28 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Probably not gonna be able to dig that out but stranger things have happened.
    06-06-17 05:17 PM
  3. Yuri Parakhin's Avatar
    any other ideas? still bar file requried
    06-07-17 07:41 AM
  4. Yuri Parakhin's Avatar
    RESOLVED: in Russia all Blackberry services banned, so I set VPN connection (by witopia) and installed all software via World
    06-09-17 08:21 AM

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