1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I bought imported bold 4 couple of months back and i tried everything to get bbm work, but all in vain. Although it's imported I can make/receive calls,texts and can access internet via cellular network and wifi. Facebook app would work on wifi but bbm wont. Is there any way to get bbm and email work?
    ( yes,i subscribed to BIS)
    02-17-16 02:57 AM
  2. altijdzwart's Avatar
    Have you tried to install BBM again from the store?

    There are tools to extract the BBM part from the OS that you are using now and install it again.
    But that of course means you have to download the OS.

    Maybe it would also be an option for you to install the lastest OS for your device.

    Good luck
    02-17-16 05:03 AM
  3. helal khan's Avatar
    To use BBM in Bold 4, u need BIS plan from your carrier. Call your carrier and ask them, simple data plan don't work on previous BlackBerry phones

    Posted via CB10
    02-17-16 07:37 AM

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