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    So I noticed my phone running low on system storage and I discovered a file in the Android part of the system called thumbnails (the actual name is in the screenshots) it's 2.3GB big and I notice it only appears when I take a pic in the Android system such as saving a pic from snap chat. Sometimes this file goes up to 3 gb. All I know is when I delete it nothing happens but free storage on my device going up. I also delete the actual thumbnails in the folder to free up a few more megabytes or so. You can't use the native file Explorer. I used AndExplorer which is an android file Explorer. I've been deleting this file for some time now and the only problem is see is that if let's say u have 1gb free storage and then u take an android pic again the file will be created and again and use up all the remaining storage which in turn causes android app to not load and even some blackberry apps ( cause all of your storage is full obviously and each app required storage to use. Like whatsapp says it needs at least 20 mb to open whenever this happens). You would then have to delete some stuff ( maybe a big game or file or whatever you have, then open AndExplorer again and delete the thumbnail thing.
    Hopes this help some ppl

    Before deleting the file
    How to free up a lot of system storage on bb10-img_20150611_084550.png

    How to free up a lot of system storage on bb10-img_20150611_084626.png

    After deleting the file

    How to free up a lot of system storage on bb10-img_20150611_090601.png
    How to free up a lot of system storage on bb10-img_20150611_084809.png

    Once you don't take any pictures in the Android part of the system the file won't appear again not even if you do a reboot.......i guess this is just another flaw of Android
    By the way I noticed this problem since 10.2.1 I'm running 10.3.2 now

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    06-11-15 09:16 AM
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    Going through /internal/misc every now and then is always a good idea.
    06-11-15 10:13 AM
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    Just a heads up to those that want to do this, if you happen to have a game like COC or whatever, and there's an update to the app, and you try to update via the Google play store or snap, it'll trigger a "not enough storage error" and the update won't go through but the actual app that you had on your phone will also be deleted and you'll lose your game data.

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    06-11-15 10:40 AM
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    There's a new fix which doesn't require OS reload nor security wipe and it works!

    08-17-15 07:39 AM

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