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    Got WA Android on Z30 and on Q20, everything is fine, besides: I can only send native pics / videos. Means: if i have got a video / pict with blackberry means like email or BBM or with camera app, i can send everything over WA.

    if i receive media with WA, i cannot resend it.

    I tried WAAfixer (for free beta status) and the WAA app for US$ 0.99, both won't work at all.

    In the end i restarted my Z30, and then opend WAA fixer / WAA app and afterwards WA, no avail.

    But when i hooked the Z30 up on my pc and copied the video from WhatsApp folder in Android to my devices video folder, it had been sent.

    As a matter of fact, it is strange, running around with a smartphone and a PC and a USB Cable, in order to be able to move the videos from one folder to another. Looks very odd :-)

    Any idea, how to automate this, to always sync the Whatsapp media folder to the according folder on the device? Just a workaround, i know, but that would make sense, at least for me.

    Truly appreciate any hint, idea or whatsoever to get over this, and i am sure, a lot of others are hunting this too.

    Thanks and best

    05-13-17 10:54 AM

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