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    Hi Bla1ze

    Suffice to say that I have been disappointed in the purchase of the BB K2 and even more so with the absence of SD Card Encryption, or so I think. I am half way minded in returning this device and having been a BB user since 2007, I think the time has perhaps come to move over to some other make/model. However, before I do this, can you help in pointing me to the right settings in how to how to encrypt the Micro SD Card. I cannot seem to find the option to do this. You did kindly confirm the ability to format the SD Card as internal/adoptable has been restricted/removed. Is there any way to encrypt the SD Card. Once again, many thanks for the time and assistance in this matter.
    07-15-18 05:22 PM
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    A new thread wasn't necessary.


    If you set it as internal, it is encrypted. Since whether as internal or external, once encrypted it is useless removed, it keeps it simple having no encryption option on eternal, though more options I'd generally consider better.

    If you really want to keep it external and password/encryption protected, there are many apps in Play Store that can do it.
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    07-15-18 10:42 PM

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