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    I'm sure you all have answered this a thousand times so I'm sorry. I'm new to crackberry, but have had a BlackBerry for many years now. I'm very loyal but am starting to get jealous of all the apps iPhone has. I was reading an article on crackberry earlier about Snap. I can't seem to figure out how to download it. I can't even seem to figure out how to get Google Chrome.... (which I don't like on my PC so if it's not a requirement I don't want) I have the Z10 and I know I'm not using it to its fullest capability. Dumbed down instructions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Posted via CB10
    04-25-15 01:10 PM
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    1. Download Sachesi (you can find it here in the forums or on google)
    2. Download Snap (you can find it here in the forums or on google)
    3. MAke sure you have BlackBerry Link installed and working
    4. Run Link
    5. Run Sachesi
    6. Plug Z10 to USB
    7. Have them both see the device
    8. Drag and drop snap.bar into the install tab
    04-25-15 01:39 PM

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