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    Been reading a lot about how secure Blackberry phones are over the last few months. While I'm not doubting any of it, I've read so much both here and elsewhere, it's a little puzzling. I've read posts saying that BB is no more secure than Android or IOS, and of course, posts touting Blackberry's unmatched security out of the box. I'm seriously close to pulling the trigger on a pair of Z30's, but security is the main draw for me ( along with battery life). Am I mistaken in thinking while they're high-quality phones, in terms of security they're no better because encryption is on the other phones as well?
    11-09-14 03:49 AM
  2. prithvim7's Avatar
    Even I've seen posts regarding security and sadly I've seen the IPHONE to be the most secure they didn't even compare it to a BlackBerry
    But when it comes to regular security
    Such as access to phone I guess BlackBerry is more secure
    Jailbroken Iphones are prone to virus the same goes to android as well
    So I would consider BlackBerry
    Data encryption is possible on all phones
    Don't know abt windows though

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    11-09-14 05:21 AM
  3. anon4164832's Avatar
    Forgot about anti-malware apps on BlackBerry 10. 10.3.2 will come with Trend Micro technology to inspect all APKs as they are installed and block those that are malicious.

    There is no malware for BlackBerry 10.

    This said, due to the limitations of android, only to apk can be scanned by security products. So if you already have android apps installed and have deleted the apk files, when you upgrade to 10.3.2, I suggest you delete all android apps and reinstall using Google apps, thereby ensuring the app is not malicious

    Installing Netflix, eBay etc is unlikely to present a problem, but avoid obscure android stuff as much of it, whilst not necessarily malicious will be spyware etc

    Best regards,


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    11-11-14 07:02 PM

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