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    I have used an app called Mobiwol and turned off several apps. I have done so for security and to get rid of bloatware eating up my battery. However, I very very much want to continue to receive security patches for the DTEK 50. Please tell me which app or apps or systems need to be active for me to automatically receive the Blackberry Patch security updates...

    Also, if you can, how do I know if the DTEK is set to tell me automatically if someone or some app tries to use my camera or microphone. But, if you dont know this that is okay because the first question is much more important to me.
    11-17-16 02:22 PM
  2. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    Why would you want to install an app like Mobiwol on your DTEK50 when you already have BlackBerry's DTEK app and you can easily uninstall or disable any app you don't want to use.

    You shouldn't need a firewall app like Mobiwol if you are sticking to reputable web sites and only getting your apps from the Play Store. When it comes to "Security" it mostly depends on the common sense use of your device.

    The only bloatware you're going to find on your DTEK are the apps you've installed yourself including Mobiwol. Have you checked to see how much battery it uses, since it probably runs in the background all the time? Battery life is going to mainly dependent on how much you use your phone. Playing games and watching videos will use up a lot of battery.

    Don't expect monthly security updates until closer to the end of the month. These should come directly from BlackBerry, but updates for BlackBerry apps will come via the Google Play Store.
    11-17-16 02:54 PM

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