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    I have had only blackberry phones since the pearl. I am still using a passport se. I was using a leap but it needed replacing. Stupidly I believed the headlines that BlackBerry would not be producing handsets any more and that WhatsApp would not run on BB10.

    Having reluctantly signing up for a 24 month contract I am now the owner of a Samsung S7. It's not a bad handset but a Blackberry it isn't! I've downloaded BBM, the hub and SwiftKey in an attempt to continue the BlackBerry experience. Now that I have heard of the Dtek60, admittedly late, ( I've had a lot on my plate &#128553 I am very keen to buy one.

    Can any readers advise me on how the experience of BB on Android is? How does the Dtek60 compare, or likely to compare, with the S7. BB always answered my needs. Second to none for call quality, emails, texts etc..

    My final question is do I stay with the S7 or upgrade to the dtek60?

    I await advice,

    11-17-16 05:03 AM
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    My opinion would be that since you have a sunk cost in the S7, just uninstall Swiftkey and the BB suite, and use Cobalt's solution which *includes* the BB keyboard. That will give you the best possible compromise.

    Then send Cobalt some $ for his time. I did this for an S6 edge. Works as well as can be expected for a non BB OEM.
    11-17-16 10:47 AM

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